Our treatment philosophy is based on Individual Psychology developed by Dr. Alfred Adler. Most treatment programs are based on etiology (developed by Dr. Sigmund Freud) that believe we must address our past in order to change the way we think and behave today. However, most people can not get over their past. Individual psychology is based on goal directed activity. The role of health care is to help you get through today, while planning for tomorrow. The goal is to think forward and stop looking backward. As well, Individual Psychology also believes in one on one care (instead of group care) and each treatment program is patient centered and personalized. We are attaching one book below that explains our philosophy in regards to addiction. In the near future, we will attach a book that explains our philosophy in regards to depression.

Alliance Health is a multi-disciplinary medical clinic that includes family physicians, medical specialists, surgeons, nurses, pharmacists, therapists, technicians and diagnostics.