Our program is for everyone! The vast majority of those suffering with mental health and addiction issues are mostly functional and employed. 
People who stand to benefit from our programme include doctors, nurses, healthcare providers, police officers, members of the military, university professors, teachers, students, social workers, lawyers, accountants, engineers, politicians, office workers, and our hard-working blue collar workers. This program is intended for the person who has a mental health or addiction issue and is mostly functional, but is finding it harder and harder to cope, and harder and harder to change. 

The Theory

Most treatment programs are based on aetiology (developed by Dr. Sigmund Freud), in which it is believed that we must address our past in order to change the way we think and behave today. However, in our experience, most people cannot get over their past. That’s why our treatment philosophy is based on Individual Psychology, as developed by Dr. Alfred Adler. This is why we practice patient-centric medicine and offer only one-on-one, individualized care. Using goal-directed activity, we believe our role  in your recovery is to help you get through today, while planning for tomorrow. The goal is to think forward and stop looking backward.

Our Approach to Family

Not only do we believe in home-cooked meals and the healing powers of natural foods, but we also believe in the value of including your friends and/or family in your treatment (at your request). We also allow our residents to communicate with their families on our telephone throughout the course of their treatment, and invite them to join us for meals on Sundays. 
There is no waitlist at our facility. We believe people deserve access to care when they need it. You can start tomorrow.