In-patient, Residential Mental Health and Addictions Treatment Center

We treat everything from depression and anxiety disorders to eating disorders, drug addiction, alcoholism and more. 

When traditional in-patient treatment and rehab facilities have failed you, it is time to try something new. Private, customized, in-patient rehabilitation for mental health and eating disorders, drug, and alcohol addiction and more is now accessible in the Wakamow Valley.

Our Philosophy

The main component of most treatment programs is to change the way we think of the past, in order to change our current behavior. We believe in an alternate approach, and advocate for goal-directed activity. Instead of focusing on the past, we look to the future. Past trauma is important, but it is not responsible for our behavior today. Our role is to help get you through today, while preparing for tomorrow; without focusing on yesterday.


Our Approach

We know that many clients prefer to keep their deeply personal circumstances to themselves and value discretion and confidentiality. We practice patient-centered medicine, and we do not believe in group-therapy. We provide individual therapy and individualized care. 

Our Staff

Your main point of contact will be a clinical social worker who will help you each day, however, we also provide multidisciplinary care in collaboration with the doctors in our medical clinic, as well as a number of private consulting physicians and support staff.

Other members of your care team can include a general practitioner, psychiatrist, psychologist, addictions doctor, addictions worker, nurse, psychiatric nurse, pharmacist, recreation therapist, dietician, life coach, spiritual advisor (if requested) and other medical specialists (if required – for example, a nephrologist).


Our Facilities, Activities & Amenities

We are located on the incredible Wakamow Valley in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. During the course of your stay, you will have access to a wide variety of activities and amenities to assist you in your recovery. 

You can look forward to accessing:

  •  A world class fitness centre,
  • Various indoor and outdoor sporting facilities/opportunities,
  • Canine therapy,
  • Equine therapy
  • A mineral spa,
  • Yoga classes,
  • Art therapy, including painting and music,
    …and more.


We are honored to have been externally recognized 26 times by the Moose Jaw Chamber of Commerce, the Regina Chamber of Commerce, the Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce and the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce for Group of the Year, Business of the Year, Community Involvement, Customer Service, Growth & Expansion and also Innovation. External nominators have included Mayors, Members of Parliament, Members of the Legislative Assembly, Chiefs of Police, Police Associations, Medical Health Officers from Health Regions, the Public Health Agency of Canada and multiple not-for-profit agencies. We are honored by our external nominators and humbled by the external recognition.



The cost of many programs is not publicly disclosed. You have to call in to figure out the price. The most inexpensive program we could find in Western Canada was $16,625 for one month of care. As such, we are asking for $6,518.00 for one month (approximately one third of fair market value), which includes 30 overnight stays, 90 meals, health care and numerous activities. If you choose to pay weekly, instead of monthly, it is $700 for the first week for mental health and/or addiction social detox. Each week thereafter is $2,500 per week. External financing is available.